Finding Form Design

The Way It used to be made

Lightness and Durability

Finding Form Design is about the use of natural, living materials like wood and leather in the home, on the trail, and at the campsite. Each piece is made by hand with locally sourced wood in upstate New York. It is indoor and outdoor living at its finest.

The Campaign Chair. Made to order and available in a variety of colors of English bridle leather and wood species. All domestic hardwoods sourced from local arborists.

The Campaign Chair

Camp stools

Also known as a campaign stool, Tijuana stool, or painter's stool, this folding stool is lightweight yet extremely durable, equally at home in a living room, around the campfire, during seated massage sessions, or in front of a painting.

Riveted with industrial-strength, corrosion resistant saddler's rivets, available in either brass or copper. The stool folds up, making it very easy to fit into a bag and transport. It is surprisingly light and has been described as "astonishingly comfortable".

The legs are turned from domestic hardwood - Walnut, Ash, Cherry, Oak, and spalted Maple - sourced from local arborists. Imported species like Teak are also available.

The finish is free from petroleum products, and all of the leather is premium vegetable-tanned only, from either Wickett & Craig or the renowned, Tuscany-based tannery Walpier Conciera.

The seat sits at 18" off the ground. The legs are 23" long. This height is comfortable for anyone and has been tested on children and adults alike at up to 325 pounds.

This stool is designed to last for a long time.

Leather Goods

Belts, valet trays, and keychains made to order and available in the catalog. Leather can also be incorporated into things like drawer fronts or a work surface for a desk.

Home Goods

Cutting boards, shower mats, plant stands and more items for the home are available in the catalog or made to order.

the tokyo bench

In 1945, Charlotte Perriand left France

for Tokyo ahead of the invading German forces. It was perhaps there that she conceived of this seminal piece, the Tokyo Bench. Perriand was Le Corbusier’s right hand, his most important assistant, and she would go on to drastically shape the world of modern furniture design after him.

Her LC1 Sling Chair is a descendant of the Roorkee Chair, in fact - the fixed-joinery, aluminum version.

The Tokyo Bench is slung low to the ground, perfect for lounging and close conversation.